Mint it Forward

Mint is not only about food. It's also about purpose and impact. We are building a company that has a fundamental commitment to the communities which it serves.

At Mint, we believe every New Yorker should have access to fresh, healthy food. And we're committed to doing our part, one meal at a time. For every ten meals you have at Mint, we'll fund a healthy meal for a family in need through our partnership with City Harvest.

In addition, we ensure that all our excess food reaches hungry New Yorkers daily.

Mint's profits go back to the team

Every year Mint will distribute 2% of our annual net profit to our entire team. This groundbreaking program is set to ensure that will link our business success with our team’s success and growth


Protect our planet


We make it a priority to reduce our ecological footprint in every aspect of our business. This starts with designing an eco-friendly menu, choosing eco-friendly packaging and making sure that every step of the food preparation to waste management is done with the environment in mind.


An image of a City Harvest truck